Our Customers

RDC’s customers include independently owned pharmacies and home health care stores located throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine.

Independent Pharmacy

According to the National Community Pharmacist’s Association (NCPA), over 22,000 Independent Pharmacies operate across the US.  Read more about Independent Pharmacy at NCPA’s website.

The owners of these stores are health care professionals engaged in raising the bar of overall patient care. Independent pharmacies often differ from chain drug stores, mass merchandisers, grocery, mail order, and other pharmacy types, by providing unique product lines and a higher degree of service and personalized medication management. Each owner has the freedom to explore deeper health care needs within his/her community and can provide better solutions for specific segments of the population.

Independent Pharmacy owners are also deeply rooted in their local communities. Their earnings are reinvested into their local economies, whereas other pharmacy businesses usually transfer revenues out of state. Independents are often actively involved as leaders in public health, civic, and volunteer projects. Many work hard to educate politicians and legislators about the nation’s health care system and how to reduce cost while improving patient outcomes.  Some of these owners even hold hometown, county, or state elected offices.

Home Health Care Dealers

As American baby boomers continue to age, they are increasingly finding themselves in an uncomfortable position of providing in-home care services for their elderly loved ones. Many in this generation have now become “caregivers”, and are looking for reassuring help from health care professionals in their communities.

Home Health Care Dealers in the US comprise a wide variety of retailers, all dedicated to serving the acute, long-term, and terminal home care needs of patients, as well as educating, supporting, and providing valuable services to their caregivers. Often times these stores are combined with pharmacies, whereas others are stand-alone. Services and product lines can be very specialized, but generally include ambulatory aids, wound care products, incontinence products, bathroom safety equipment, urologicals, orthopedic soft goods, sickroom supplies, respiratory products, diabetes and other diagnostic products, and daily living comfort aids.

Owners of these stores understand that providing quality service involves working with other health care organizations and individuals. They coordinate with Diabetes Educators, Physical Therapists, nurses, nursing home managers, group home managers, and many other professionals committed to improving the quality of life for all Americans. Owners of these stores often promote home care within their communities as a viable component of the health delivery system. By fostering, developing, and promoting higher standards of patient care they are saving cost and making home life more comfortable for patients and their families.

Home Health Care Dealers can be found throughout the US but certainly the greatest concentrations are within metro areas and large retirement communities. RDC distributes to hundreds of these stores and stocks most of the products they sell on a daily basis.

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