QC Store Brands

One of the most profitable lines in the store!

Click here to see our top 100 selling SKU’s showing Cost, Suggested Retails, and Profit.
If you sold 1 piece of each per month = $296 profit
If you sold 3 pieces of each/month = $888 profit
If you sold 10 pieces of each/month = $2,960 profit

Quality products at the right price, in stock every day at RDC!

Clean & attractive packaging


The QC Awaken line of beauty aids


The QC Naturals line of natural products



Best practices for profitable selling strategies

QC products come with suggested retails from RDC.  But you can earn even better profit if you adjust retails on each individual item based on your national brand comparisons. 

1.) Price your national brand items low to compete with big box chains and websites.

2.) Price your QC comparison items under the brands to offer nice consumer savings.

3.) Train your staff to recommend QC brands over national brands.

4.) Set up QC endcaps to create brand loyalty.

5.) Promote QC items in 2 for 1 specials.

See your RDC territory representative for more ideas, and to learn how to change retail prices on RDC’s ordering systems.

Good luck selling!

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