RDC & Third Party Station Launch Automated MAC Appeals Program

RDC is pleased to announce the launch of automated MAC appeals for Third Party Station (TPS) members who participate in the Contracting and Central Payment Reconciliation program.  This applies to most payers with whom pharmacies are contracted through TPS.  A large number of appeals have already been won since the program launched in April 2017.

Third Party Station is a PSAO (Pharmacy Services Administration Organization) established in 2006 by Pharmacy First, a company formed by regional US wholesalers as members of the Wholesale Alliance, LLC.  The company helps Independent Pharmacies remain competitive and profitable in today‚Äôs market with an array of services including contracting assistance, third party payer reconciliation and recovery, and adherence rebate services. 

To learn more about this and other programs see your RDC Territory Representative or contact Candace Sullivan at TPS, 913-661-0298, ext. 111.

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