TraceLink Tutorials


RDC customers can use this page to learn more about TraceLink’s “Product Track” website.

Click on any of these convenient videos.

Video Icon 30Activating Your TraceLink Account: Get started by activating your TraceLink account, log in, and familiarize yourself with Product Track.

Video Icon 30Using Product Track for DSCSA Compliance: Learn how Product Track helps organizations meet the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) regulations.

Video Icon 30Don’t See the Product Track Tab?: Ensure that you and your users have access to Product Track by subscribing to the Product Track service.

Video Icon 30Searching for Transaction Data: Learn how to access compliance data from your trading partners to respond to regulatory agency queries.

Video Icon 30Managing Users and Administrators: Learn the steps for creating user and administrator accounts.

Video Icon 30Subscribing to a Product Track Service:  Learn about TraceLink services and how to subscribe to a Product Track service.


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